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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The once a month HUGE update!

Well, it’s time for another huge update!!!

My parents came out to visit us! First time my dad has seen the house, or Puppy! I was very excited, we had a lot of fun, and got to spend time together. It was awesome!!! We made plans with them to go to Laughlin the second week of November, so that will be VERY, fun!!! Wooooo!

Padres lost a few days ago, to the Cardinals. I almost cried, and stupid Pat made me watch the game to the very bitter end, instead of changing it for the last out, which took forever. I wouldn’t have killed myself if they had come back from 4-2 in the ninth inning with 2 outs. Trust me!

I’ve finished Ship of Magic, and Mad Ship of the Liveship Trader series by Robin Hobb. I’m currently reading Ship of Destiny, which will finish off the series.

Pat and I have been looking at Offline T-Shirts and Geek Label for shirts that are gamer related. I want so many of them. A simple one that says “Geek” in a girls t (not a t-shirt) seems incredibly awesome to me! Of course, the one that says freakin’ woot! or the Cleric/Pally EQ shirt looks awesome to me too!! I’m a geek, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

Pat and I are doing well. The second mortgage will be paid off in a year, and this month, Pat’s raise went into affect. I am very, very proud of him, and what he has accomplished. My honey is the bestest, and he has a good heart, and looks out for the good of those around him, even as we are more and more blessed.

We have started work on our own web site. Just a place to host our pictures, and maybe my blog, and some other things. Pat’s been instrumental in setting it up. I’m quite proud that he’s stayed motivated this long to work on it!! Keep an eye out for the URL and more information!!

I did Relay for Life this last week, and I raised $140, just short of my $200 goal, though my team raised our goal of $1,000. I was there from 7am to really, really late, and ended up so sore and exhausted that I couldn’t even talk coherently, or get along with Pat that night. He made me some eggs and bacon, and let me lay on the couch and read while trying to recuperate. Sometimes, I am not so gracious when I am exhausted. Poor Pat puts up with me and shows me patience and love, regardless. I adore him with all my heart. He is my honey, my husband, and my strength!!!!

Tawnia is back from her trip to Laughlin. She’s not burned to a pretty lobster red this time, so I’m very proud of her!!!!

I have been on my diet almost a month, and have lost 6 pounds. Though I kinda went bad this past week and have been eating lots of salt, so things have been slow!!! But I’m back on the wagon, and anything NOT up, is good!!!

The Nintendo Wii is scheduled to release next month, and Pat and I are strongly behind this new revolutionary technology in the console world. I am very excited for the chance to play old games on the virtual console, and really excited for the new game that Square-Enix will be producing, within the Secret of Mana storyline!! *dances*

My girl scout troop is doing well. I have 5 Brownies in my troop, and Christina has 16 Juniors! It’s a HUGE troop. We definitely need help as far as adult supervision, but apparently, that’s not easy to come by. I only hope that someone comes along before next year, as my travel and work plans will make it hard for me to put as much time in then as I am now. The troop is going to see Open Season tomorrow. Hopefully that goes smoothly. We have wonderful girls, I adore them all. Their strengths are amazing, their flaws varied, and together, we have a great deal of fun!

Pat had to be at work very, very early today, and will need to again on Friday. Poor boy!!!!

I am continuing to try to fill my Alaskan cruise on Celebrity for June of next year. It can be slow and frustrating, to sell something randomly to people. I refuse to be a salesperson who’s looking more for a quick sale then for taking care of my customers. It can be hard. Other then that, work is going well. It can be difficult when faced with the amount of things I still need to learn. The industry is complex, and I am not familiar with international destinations. Ask me about Disney World though, I’m an expert! *winks*

Pat and I got to watch Monday night football this week, Bronco’s won! GO BRONCO’S! Every time I watch a game all I can think of is the South Park where the catholic priest ends the service with the benediction “Let’s go” and the crowd responds “Bronco’s”, and they repeat it, in that sing-song way that catholic services go…..I laughed for hours!!!!!!!!!

Well, I think that about sums up the last few weeks rather well. I’ve been playing Luxor, and reading a lot. Been doing manufacturing in Eve, though I’ve been thinking of leaving, I have no where else to go, and no one else to play with.

Pat and I…..well, he’s amazing. I married the most fantastic man in the world. We talk, and snuggle, and watch football, and play video games, both apart, and together. We can have intelligent discussions about everything from school shootings and E. Coli breakouts, to the video game console wars and California’s stupid ecology laws. He is intelligent, kind, thoughtful, and loving, and he is mine!!! The girls at Wal-Mart can drool all the want! *beams*

Everyone have a good weekend, and please enjoy the rest of your week!!!



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