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Monday, October 16, 2006

Severe Sprain, or Fracture? Tune in Thursday!

This afternoon sucked. We were at the dr's for 3 hours, during which time x-rays were taken, and though my dr doesn't see a fracture, she's waiting for a radiologist to look at it to be sure. She tried to put on an air splint/cast, but there was to much swelling, and it hurt like hell.

So I'm splinted up until Thursday, when hopefully, the swelling will subside. On Thursday, they'll decide to either cast it (a break will mean 2 weeks in a cast, and crutches) or air splint it (crutches! yuck).

For sure, for the next two days, I am relegated to bed rest, elevation, icing, and harassing Pat for everything from food to helping me get to the bathroom. Thank God I can do bathroom things without help!!!

Sure hope I have enough books to last me 2's gonna be cool! But boring!

Pat's been wonderful, and I love him, as always.

Oh, and he was working, not getting a breakfast burrito! *grins*


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