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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


First off, my Tawnia is sick. So everyone send her "Get Better" thoughts, cause she has to cook dinner tomorrow. I told her to send the group off to Denny's and she laughed at me! Big meanie! I really do hope ya feel better girl, and Happy Thanksgiving!

Now....Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have lots to be thankful for. First off, though it sounds a bit cheesy, it's truly heartfelt.

I am greatful for those who've given their lives for the freedom and defense of my country. Whether it be 4 years or longer, or the sacrifice of their life, no one is exempt from the courage and selflessness that is forced upon someone serving their country. Thank you for keeping my freedom safe. Think about it folks. If you're not greatful for this one, what else is there?

I'm greatful for my husband. I have the privilege and the responsibility of being married to the most wonderful man I have ever met. It's my great joy to serve him, and be served by him. He is my husband, my best friend, and my joy. It's an amazing thought that I wake up to every day. It's the first thing I think, after "stupid alarm". "I'm lying next to the man that loves me!" WOO!!!

I'm greatful for my job. This is the job of a lifetime here. I've done some crappy stuff up til now. I've been treated poorly, and given up promotions or watched them be snatched from me and given to undeserving hacks. I've made way less then I was worth, and done some stuff that I thought was my calling in life (Hello Animal Control!!). But I am so happy now, doing something I love so much!!!!

I'm greatful for my family. My mom has had an incredibly positive impact on my adult life, and she's always the first one I want to call with news, good or bad.

My sister has made a huge effort to be part of my life and involved in who I am. I am greatful that we've moved past the difficulties of our childhood (at each others throat all the time) and become friends as well as sisters.

My dad and I, in the past few months, have worked through some of our past....issues. It's wonderful to see the person my dad is. He's funny, and sweet and has a sense of responsibility and family that I never saw in him as a kid. It's great to get to know him as an adult. It's hard for both of us, but it's so worth it!!!!

My brother and sister-in-law are wonderful people that never call me or email me, but I'm still greatful for them. CALL ME SOMETIME....LOSER! :p *grins*

My Puppita completes our little tiny family, and as spazztastic as he may be, I am VERY greatful that Tawnia helped (mostly did it herself) us put up the electric fence so we could keep him. He's my little Puppita!!!!

I'm greatful for the wealth of love, food, and material things that have come so easily to Pat. It seems to easy....after going through much of my life differently. Let me tell ya, you'll never be greatful for money 'til you've had none!!

I love my little sporty car, and I think to myself how lucky I am to have it, every weekday!

I love the speakers that Pat put into my car to fix the 3rd set I blew up within months of them being installed. And they go perfectly with my MP3 player that I am so thankful for, cause I get to listen to actual music. Ridgecrest has 3 radio stations in town. One country, one OOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLD rock that isn't oldies and mostly they play sucky songs, and one NPR-ish! ICK!

I'm thankful for Camelot, our big screen tv, the books that I own, having 2 bathrooms, low carb diets, pickles, and being happy.

I'm thankful my Aunt Lucy invited me to Thanksgiving. She's a sweetie!!

I'm thankful for my friends, Tawnia and Missi. For my extended family, and my new sister Jo. I'm thankful for the chance to go to Tenessee for Christmas, and that Pat's family took us to Walt Disney World. (I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!)

I'm just overall, greatful for the really wonderful life I have. If you have a wonderful life, reach out and help someone who doesn't have things as wonderfully as you. It'll make your life even more perfect. I promise.

Please everyone, BE SAFE! Don't drink and drive, and if you do, don't tell me about it, because I'll never speak to you again.



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