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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Tovin Flames Out Of Her First Game In 12 Years

Today, I was stabbed in the back by someone I considered a friend, within the world of EvE. He didn't even leave the possibility of mistaking his intentions as anything other then an out and out attack. Anyone who knows me irl knows I value one thing in a friend. Loyalty. You can not like something I do, and talk to me about it, without attacking me in front of others. Richard chose not to do the following words are for him alone.

Fuck you.

You attack me because you CHOSE to misunderstand a post I made. You chose to defend someone who, #1, didn't need to be defended because he wasn't being attacked, and #2, to defend him in such a way as to cause personal, real, attacks.

You think that I truly was attacking him? When have I EVER in my 28 years done that? EVER? I'll tell you...not a single time, ever.

You know who you helped in that outburst of yours? No one. I've left the corp, and now, thanks to your idiotic rantings, my friends there. Thank you for taking that away from me for your own personal reasons. I appreciate it.

You didn't help the corp grow closer together, you didn't help ANYONE explain what was going on, and maybe find out if there was a mis-understanding (boy, was there), you just chose to attack!!!

So here's my turn. You're a rude, motherfucker who only looks out for the interest right in front of you. You can't look ahead to think how what you're saying will affect others, or affect the situation. Glad I left Eve, you betcha. Since it showed who was my friend and corp-mate, and who was not. Think I'm a "carebear"? I couldn't give a hoot. Don't care even a single tiny solitary WHIT what a moronic idiot like you might think. I have fun in the games I play, AND I can tell the difference between a game, and real life.

I DARE you to find ONE person who's known me through ANY part of my life from 14 on, who would say that I don't lay down and let people walk over me because I hate to tell people things that might be mean. I dare you to find one person that would say that anything your attack accuses me of is true. You simply won't. And that proves how well you really know me.

If there was a chance your attacks might have been true, I would seriously be worrying about it. But I'm not. You misunderstood, or mistook my words as something other then what they were, and didn't ask for clarification or approach me privately to explain. You attack me, as a leader, in front of the whole corporation. Smart.....*rolls her eyes*

Can't control yourself? How about not being a leader.

I wash my hands of you, and of your entire corporation, of which apparently, you're allowed to say things like that and remain in charge. Enjoy your life. I won't give you another thought. Sure as anything better believe I'll be enjoying my that you're gone.

I'd like to thank Evan for his support in all of this. A true friend for 3+ years, he has pulled me through, as always, and helped me put this in perspective. Thank you Icey. A truer friend, one could not find.


Anonymous ducky said...

aahhhh, so i learned a new thing today, DON'T PISS B OFF!! what the hell happened? do i need to go kick some weirdo geeky ass for ya? i dont mind, been a while since i had a good tasting tequlia, hee hee. you know what you need to do? channel all that anger into camelot and help me lvl hee hee.
hugs to you.. *runs and hides

9:51 AM  
Blogger beckybee said...

*hugs T* Love ya girl!!! Call me when you wanna level!

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Tremor said...

The whole thing has made me sad, I am sorry you got hurt Tovin. =(

8:12 AM  

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