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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Your Thanksgiving Update!

Oki, I've been busy, and remiss. So here goes!

The Laughlin trip was awesome fun! It was great to see mom and dad, and Pat and I had a blast!! Of course most of our time was spent on Texas Shootout. We played a total of 3 Blackjack hands, which is shocking for us! This trip, the alcohol service was excellent!!!! Not like last time!

The food was excellent, and though the room was okay, the construction noise was a little annoying. The best (out of 2 total) trip to Laughlin so far!!!

Thank you Tawnia, for taking care of Puppy while we were gone!!! He likes cookies!!!! LOL

Camelot is going well, though I'm not really thrilled with the new expansion. I'm hoping they fix the Line of Sight issues with today's downtime. I normally only play Friday/Sat/Sun, and this weekend will be no exception. Go 4 day weekends!!!!

Sigh, I can't think of this stuff now, work just took a turn for the very bad.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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