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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, once again.

Christmas Eve is busy here, as everyone prepares more rolls, cupcakes, fudge, cookies, and in general food, then an army could eat.

The kitchen is hopping, the guys have gone out land hunting for Pat's uncle John, and I'm desperately trying to make my new Nintendog listen to me. It's voice activated, and I don't have the instruction booklet here! we'll do presents, mass, and...that's right. One of the most anti-Catholic people you've ever met is going to mass. When in Rome and all that, and Pat was raised Catholic. It's interesting to experience other people's religions and beliefs, even if you don't agree. I may be opinionated, but I'm not small minded!!!

Dinner sounds like it will be a huge affair. I'm a little nervous. My family Christmases were the five of us. There will be 30 some people here. EVERYONE always goes out of their way to make both Pat and I welcome, and to make us part of what's going on. But 30 people is a lot, and the crush of all those bodies tends to put me in panic attack mode before they even get here. Pat and I are planning on taking a golf cart out on the path (pictures coming when we get home) and hide away for a bit, together.

The hugeness of stuff like this is hard for us as well. Pat and I are always together, and we're always pretty much alone. So we easily and readily exchange kisses, cuddles, private thoughts, and countless hugs all the time. Being somewhere that doesn't make that possible is kinda wearing. It changes our relationship. Perhaps this is what people talk about when they say they go to bed strangers, especially after having a child.

We haven't shared a private thought time, or moments just watching tv cuddling since we got here. It's draining not to have Pat to bounce my thoughts off of. I've got to process them all myself!!!! I'm not that smart!

So as the house prepares for card playing, puzzles, and many generations of family together talking, eating and sharing Christmas together, I both mentally steel myself and wish somewhere privately that my own family still did stuff like this.

Maybe next Christmas, we'll have to do it at my house.

Mom, I hope you like frozen rolls, cause I don't do homemade like Pat's mom. She's kinda crazy :p Homemade rolls, bread, cupcakes, fudge, gravy, stuffing,jam, juice, etc. A turkey and a ham, salad, etc, etc, etc.

My menu: Pillsbury crescent rolls, gravy mix, store bought bread, soda, and a turkey stuffed with Stovetop stuffing. :p Everyone is invited to my house for Christmas next year!!! lol

It's just so very different from what I'm used to these last 10 years. I'm in a different world!

I miss my puppy. Tawnia, give him extra cheesy popcorn and hold him tight for me. I want to be home playing with him so much.... =(

Merry Christmas everyone. Stay safe, and if you drink, don't drive.


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