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Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Presents

Pat and I are surprisingly private people. Last night we exchanged Christmas presents like little kids, cause we wanted it to be between us!

Pat got me a girl t Bronco shirt, and I got him a Bonhomme Richard and Nimitz active duty type embroidered t-shirt and a Nintendo DS with some games.

It was a romantic exchange, and then we laid in bed and talked and snuggled before I fell right to sleep. I've been getting up early, I HAVE to be asleep before 11! lol

Anyway, it was wonderful. Our first Christmas together! I couldn't ask for more from him, and it's fantastic the way our lives have mixed since we've been together.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Remember to say "I love you" to those you love. If you don't say it, sometimes, we forget it's true! =)



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