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Friday, December 08, 2006

The "Christmas With the In Laws" Post

I don't know how one comes up with the "dreaded in laws" thing. I love Pat's family dearly. They've welcome me into their home, and family with open arms, and loving hearts.

I am so looking forward to Christmas in Tenessee!!!

I am hesitent to be away from home for so long though. Not that I don't like staying with John and MariLu, but I'll miss Puppita, and my own bed, and computer. And I kinda like to be a mole rat when I'm at people's houses. Give me a blanket and a book and leave me alone! Never thought you'd hear me say I like being anti-social, did you!? That never leaves a good impression though. And Pat has made me promise not to carry my book with me everywhere.

I will have a wonderful time though!

Pat and I, no matter where we go on travel tend to spend more time focusing on each other. And that is always a joy. To have the (well, almost) full attention of the man of my dreams is truly a joy.

Pat is looking forward to blueberry muffins something fierce! It's wonderful spending time with his family, and hopefully, it will snow!!!

I'm looking forward to a Christmas tree, and hanging out with JoEllen. Some good book time, and walks around the extensive property with Pat. Hot chocolate with no marshmellows, and hearing John talk about his work projects. He's really fun to talk to, he knows tons of stuff about tons of stuff! Mini-golf, bowling, shops that are REAL shops and not Ridgecrest stuff. A BOOK STORE!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I want to ask MariLu (emails on the way LOL!) if she'll help me with crocheting. It's been a while, and I've forgotten. Plus I'm stupid, so I can't learn out of a book. It's sad.

JoEllen and Mike have been going to school, and I'm anxious to hear how their classes are going, and what they've been up to. They manage to keep incredibly busy without loosing their sanity. I play computer games....a lot. LOL

We can't wait to go to "The Soup Kitchen" and have chilli and bread! mmmmmmmmmmm

Christmas presents are a little weird though. I haven't bought presents for my own family in many years. Many, many years. lol So I feel badly not bringing presents. But I can't even find presents for my husband, much less others!!!

Seriously, how sad is that?

Since I moved from San Diego, I've been way less family orriented. Nothing personal against my family or anything, but they're kinda stressful. I love them to death!!!!!!!!! But sometimes being around all of them for any length of time is just, hard on me. Mostly because I feel the need to fix everything, and have never learned to keep my mouth shut. (I try mom, truly I do!) It's not their fault. I stress about everything!!!!!!!!! In case you haven't noticed. =p

So hopefully this Christmas will go smoothly, I won't say anything to offend or hurt anyone's feelings, and Pat and I will have a fantastic Christmas holiday with our family!!!!

10 days to go! 5 work days left! WOO!


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