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Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Day that shall live in Infamy

Today, I take a moment to remember those who were murdered in their sleep by surprise attacks. They were not at war, they were not prepared, they were dead. More then 2,400 Americans.

I remember those who raised up and defended our nation, our beliefs, and our way of life. The veterns of World War II, those that kept home running while they were away, those that lost family, friends, and loved ones who fought to keep our country safe.

I remember, even grudingly, that no apology was ever given. Not that one could ever excuse such an atrocious act of cowardice and war.

Now, let's not for a moment remember how U.S. forces treated native hawaiian people. I don't know if an apology was ever given for that, but it definitely should, if it hasn't. It's one thing to be one sided in your views. It's another to be blind.

Anyway....I remember.


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