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Friday, December 08, 2006

I am not an A!

I've decided I am no longer one of "them". I once took pride in being a "right wing conspirist", but no longer. It's happened over the course of several years.

Let's go over my political side, shall we?

I am so anti-abortion that I have a hard time being around people that are so blatantly for it in ignorance or in stupidity.

I am completely and totally for the religious beliefs of anyone who also follows the laws our state and federal governments have approved. (If you're molesting kids, that's not a religion, it's a crime.)

I am for the right of anyone to date anyone, and to have the same rights as anyone else. I am somehow.....not convinced I guess, that marriage should be defined as anything other then between a man and a woman. I think it opens to many loopholes that are scary to contemplate. But I would lobby and vote for any law that gives basic civil rights to gay couples, and parents.

I am for the slowing of traffic, the cessation of burdening taxes, and against any and every movement that gives people who are ILLEGAL, the rights AND responsibilities to legal citizens.

I am against the government paying for stem cell research, cancer research and aids research. I wholeheartedly hope that every pharmaceutical company that will make money off of curing these blights is pouring millions of dollars into curing them. They'll profit, not the government.

I am for stem cell research that doesn't use cells taken from aborted anythings. (Call them what you will.)

I am as against suing car companies for polluting as I am gun companies for killing people.

I am so anti-drunk driving that I think one conviction should be enough to have your license revoked forever, and have you thrown in jail with a bunch of rats and given no food for a year. =)

I don't mind people that smoke, I don't mind taxing them. I would rather raise the luxury tax on beer, but that's just me apparently.

I don't mind welfare, but it should be a work for food and preperation for jobs, rather then free money for women that can't keep their legs closed. My family was on welfare for a while. We got off of it. Isn't that the way it's supposed to be?

I am totally and completely for allowing people into the country. But I believe we have one of the most lenient laws and availability for such, and that anyone who can't figure out how to do it legally, or who shows such blatant disregard for our laws should be thrown into the San Fran bay and made to swim home, wherever that may be.

I am for the immediate and complete destruction of anyone that attacks our country (Japan and Afghanistan are lucky I'm not in office) or anyone that aids them (just hang Suddam and be done with it). I believe that any citizen of any country has the right to live their life in a place without violence. I believe that the U.S. is a blessed country who's better off looking out for the little guys then just being a superpower.

I am for the freedom of the press, but I think the press is filled with a bunch of idiots who only listen to their own pulse of what's happening and who have no ethics, integrity or desire to report the truth.

I am for the freedom of speech. You can say what you want. You may be held responsible for it, but you won't be shot for giving your opinion.

I am for the complete and total blocking off of our borders. Booyah!

I am against the legalization of any more drugs that are already available, until Doctors are tracked and held responsible for their dispensing abilities.

I am for health care available to any and all people, but I'm not sure yet how that would best be accomplished, so I won't elaborate. But I believe everyone deserves a chance for a healthy life.

I think scientists take themselves too seriously, and money should be cautiously given, and ruthlessly overseen. I think most researchers are jokers who should go back to their real jobs: telemarketing.

I am for the education of children, against equal opportunity (it's a long story) and so anti-union it'd make your head spin.

I believe that as soon as the U.S. turns their back on Israel we're basically screwed to hell. Explain that as you will.

I hate the U.N. and N.A.F.T.A.

So why do I hate "conservatives"? Labels are dangerous. And being a "conservative" is becoming more and more dangerous (to my way of thinking) every day.

I am conservative yes, but I am not "a conservative" any longer. I refuse to be labeled as being on the same side as Rush, and Dennis Prager. I hold my own opinions, right or wrong as they may be. I take responsibility for those opinions, and I allow no one else to speak for me with a label as wide as it is long.

I didn't vote for Bush, I voted against Kerry. Am I unhappy with Bush? No. I tried to make serious plans to move out of the country should Kerry have been elected. :o Pat laughed at me. I cried when it looked like he was doing well.

What brought this on? This Blogcritics post about the whole Muslim congressman who wants to swear on the Koran summed up my feelings rather well.

I am patriotic to the core. I believe our veterans should be fiercely loved, protected and given every thing they need to survive in any way shape or form. How someone could pick a battle so petty is so beyond me that it makes me angry.

That man may be "a conservative" but I give up. I am now me. A thinking being who will be called.........."independent" Sadly, my voter registration card will remain checked as republican. Cause there's been MAYBE one democrat I would vote for. But mostly, I just vote to keep the idiots out of office. Maybe that's what it's come to?

A thought for the day!

Everyone have a good weekend!

[Edit: I am so sick today! So many typos it's scary, should be mostly fixed though]


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