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Thursday, December 14, 2006

More Seattle Christmas Tree Stuff

Is it plagerising if you cite the source? :p

This site has an awesome entry regarding the Seattle Christmas tree thing, even going so far as having an uploaded Fox News segment!

The quote I want to specifically share is from the blog itself:
Can you imagine different interest groups wanting to push their identity to be recognized during Cinco de Mayo or Black History Month? It shouldn’t be “all about me”. It’s okay to be exclusive. During Nisei Week, I’m not interested in seeing Chicano pride marching in the street parade alongside surviving members of the 442nd, the highly decorated all-Japanese-American WWII battalion. I expect to celebrate the beauty of Japanese-American cultural heritage.

You might say that’s different: it doesn’t concern religion. I disagree about the difference. Religious culture is still culture; and true tolerance means you allow any given culture to celebrate in peace, without demanding that your culture also take center stage.

ya ya!


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