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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Off to State Line!

We leave McCarran tomorrow at 11am, so we're taking off to be closer to the airport, and a last chance to spend time on us before Christmas!

Loading MP3's on the player right now, so I'll have stuff to listen to on the plane while Pat is playing his DS Light.

It's quite a mix! Got some Eminem right next to Enya. Some Marilyn Manson next to Tchaikovsky. Even some Limp Bizket and some Diana Krall. Let me tell you, my music collection is an ecletic mashing of moods and styles. Personally, I'm excited to listen to the new Fiona Apple. I'm a huge fan and would love to see her in concert. She's discordant enough to not be main stream, but her music and style is so unmistakebly talented. It's fun! :o

Oki, so gonna go finish packing, and get Pat up and get outta here! Talk to you from Knoxville! =)

Stay safe everyone! Happy Weekend!!


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