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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Pat's Links

Pat always finds the BEST links!!!

This story is an intersting thought!
CSU is considering adding a mandatory assessment test on technological literacy for all freshmen, much as it has required English and math placement tests since the 1980s.
hee hee One small step for geekdom, one giant leap for true somethingness! :p

And of course, speaking of geekdom, LONG LIVE GOOGLE!!!

This story just warms my heart all to pieces!
Google Inc. displaced Yahoo! Inc. as the world's second-most visited Web site in November and closed in on leader Microsoft Corp., a market researcher said today.

WOOO!!!!! Keep up the good work Google! A Google toolbar on every desktop, a google search engine in every homepage! LET'S ALL GO FOR THE GLORY! :o

Oh, speaking of glory, the Bronco's play today. Let's all try to keep happy thoughts coming at my poor little rookie (almost said freshman HA HA) qb, shall we, BETH!???? :p I hope your Chargers choke! :p And I love you! =)


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