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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Santa Fair and USC Loses...a perfect day!

Pat and I got up early (before 9:30am on a weekend is early for us!) and went to the Santa Art Shop that's held yearly at the Ridgecrest Fairgrounds. You can read more about the art shop at another Ridgecrest blog. He explains it way better then I could, at 11pm. :)


=) I hate USC. Pat loves them because his roommate in college was a fan. So I can forgive (kinda) his weird love of them. But today was a brutal game to watch in the house. Next weekend will be worse, my San Diego State Aztecs vs Pat's Arizona Wildcats go head to head in basketball at Cox Arena in San Diego! GO SDSU! This would be a huge win for my Aztecs. A dream come true. A HUUUUUUUUUGE WIN!!!!!!!!!!! I think the gloating, either way, is gonna be harsh. =) GO SDSU! GO RED AND BLACK! (Scarlet?) GO AZTECS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hoping to get my Wii this week. I've got some info that makes me believe it will happen. I'll cry if it doesn't. Jeremy is a sweetie and got us an extra controller and Zelda: Twilight Princess. WOO! Can't wait to play it!

Annnnnnnnd, that's the weekend update. It's 11:15, I've spent hours in Camelot doing PvP. Pat has discovered the joy of the battlegrounds and he hasn't played a main character in a few days. I'm a little worried for him. lol

Tawnia called today to give me info on the Wii, and to chat a bit. It's good getting to talk to her more. I think we're supposed to see a movie this week sometime. Not sure when, or what, yet.

In weekend news that's interesting?

Tomorrow's plan? Laundry, dishes, bathroom cleaning, football, and hanging out with my honey! OH! Speaking of football....STUPID SHANAHAN!!!!!!!!!! STARTING CUTLER?! WHY DON'T YOU JUST SLIT MY WRISTS NOW???????????? JAKE WAS *WINNING* arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Gonna go cry now!!!!!
Stupid Beth, shut up about your Chargers!!! :p Love ya sis! *kisses*

Oki, 11:25pm, and I think this is my last bingo game on Slingo! Have a good what's left of tonight. Stay warm!

Oh, and if you've seen Steven anywhere, tell him to SEND ME AN EMAIL YOU MEANIE!!!!! =)



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