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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Talk About Southern Hospitality! And Other Stuff

We went to Cracker Barrel the other day, to celebrate the issuing of the first of many patents John has waiting for approval in his new project.

The waitress was unbelievable! She seriously tried to make all of us get a free "to go" cup of whatever we were drinking, and even excused herself in the middle of taking her first order because she was going to start coughing. WOW! She was really nice, and really great service. Even after the bill came she was there every few moments making sure we didn't need napkins, more soda (ever seen Pat drink soda? He had a refill every time!), dessert, whatever!!!

It was a shock to me, truly. To be in such a different place, with different values and ideals is always a little unnerving. To see such wonderful service just made my heart sing with gladness. It'll be rough returning to California after this!! =)

In other both sad and hilarious news: We were watching the local Knoxville news the other night, and heard that 3 boys had been found abandoned at a grocery store, and that their mother had been arrested on child abuse charges. Not only were they abandoned but they had marks on their bodies which lead police to believe they were heavily phsyically abused as well.

Now, none of this is funny, don't get me wrong. The funny part was, at first, they couldn't question the woman because no one on the force spoke spanish. *blinks*

The police chief said something along the lines of "We have a slight language barrier here", to the tv news reporter. I laughed my butt off!!!!!!!!! Apparently it really is a different country out here. EVERYONE out west is required to have someone on duty at all times that speaks spanish. Just absolutely hilarious. Anyway, as for the non-hilarious part, here's the story from the local paper.


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