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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Today's News

Trip reports are coming, but news is happening so fast, I felt the need to post a quick update.

Yesterday, before the Feast of Eid began, Saddam Hussein was hanged for the murder of 22 Iraqi's.

It's a sad day when any person dies, regardless of the reason. This will certainly open a new door for the Iraqi people, and for their leadership. My thoughts are with his family, especially his daughter, during this time.

In other major news, President Gerald R. Ford died days ago, and his memorials are taking place even now. Tuesday has been declared a National Day of Mourning. His wife Betty and his four children will be flown to D.C. after the memorial in Palm Desert is complete.

Onto less world shattering news: Parents Eat More then Non-Parents. Not really shocking, but certainly something to be aware of!

Steve Jobs Cleared By Apple! A strange and certainly welcome (for me) story. Hopefully Apple will be able to pull out of this one.

Cloned Animal Meat Declared Safe To Eat. This one might raise some issues (I have some, though my thoughts aren't clear enough to yet write them out). We'll see how it progresses.

AT&T To Acquire BellSouth. Yick! At least their internet prices will fall, and a phone line isn't a requirement for DSL. Hopefully that will sweep the industry!

Madrid Struck By Terrorists....Again. What can I say, other then in the second terrorist activity in regular society, I'm glad not to have known any victims. I can't continue to lose people I know and love in this sort of violence. It's horrific.

Indonesian Ship Sinks. Sigh.

4 Men Swept Off U.S. Sub I'm still waiting for confirmation that Pat's counsin Kara's husband (whew) isn't a sub guy. I *think* he's on a carrier, since he's doing something similar to WestPac. It's really weird talking to people who aren't familiar with the Navy. I never realized that between growing up in a navy town, and being friends with John and Steven, how much of that stuff kinda sunk into you. Hopefully I'll know soon.

There's always lots of other news of course! The twins that were kidnapped are in custody, and their biological mother, who took them during a scheduled visit, is under arrest.

Sanctions against Iran caused the Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, to spout off stupidity once again.

An Indian businessman and his associate confessed to killing a minimum of 15 women and children after sexually assaulting them.

The list goes on and on! It's not all good news. But it's good to know what's going on around you, whether you agree or not.

Again, the trip report, and pictures will be coming soon. I'd like to thank Tawnia for taking care of Puppy while we were away, and to apologize to my family for not calling them on Christmas. My phone kinda screwed up. :(

Also a request. Please don't drink and drive. Your killing yourself through your own stupidity doesn't bother me, I won't miss you if you're stupid enough to do it.(I'm serious.) You willingly endangering and killing someone else who was just unlucky enough to be near an out of control you, scares the bejeezes out of me. If you get caught driving drunk, I hope you're executed. If you're not caught, I will personally fund whatever means necessary to catch the idiots that decide "I'm not drunk" and get behind the wheel.

I've lost to many people I love to pure and utter stupidity. Don't let me loose you too.

Happy, and SAFE, New Years to everyone!


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