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Friday, January 12, 2007


Some history!

I love going places. I love driving! In San Diego I went to Vegas and Disneyland once a month. It was a necessity.

Of course, I went to Sea World, The San Diego Zoo, The Wild Animal Park, Balboa Park, San Diego Padres games, SDSU games, or headed over to Steven and Louise's place.

I was always doing something, and avoiding both Beth and Nathan at the same time. (Love you!) When I wasn't doing something, I was attached to either EQ or DAoC with John and Steven.

ANYWAY! On to the story! Pat's idea of a fun weekend is playing computer, watching tv, playing the Wii, and hanging out. Every night, and every weekend....again, and again, and again, get the idea.

This has led to some heated discussion on both of our parts. Pat is a stay at home guy. I'm not. However, I don't have a car that can go out of town, and my stupidity previously to meeting Pat prevents me from being on his insurance until at least June. (You know, arrest warrants really come back to bite you in the ass!)

So today, we have to drive 2 hours to Bakersfield to get me fingerprinted for the California Insurance License Board, since I'll be the office contact for selling insurance. We have to be back in town by 4:30, cause my whole office is going to a meeting on Saturday held by our travel consortium, Signature Travel Network. We have to leave tonight, since it's in LA and starts at 8am. Or leave here between 1 and 2 am tomorrow....HA HA HA

It's supposed to snow down to 2,000 feet, and the pass to Bakersfield most definitely has snow on it. Now I trust Pat in the snow. 5 years in Northern Idaho will teach you to drive in snow! It's the California drivers on the other hand, are on average, scarier then any horror movie ever made!

So wish us luck! :)

Then Tawnia is coming over Sunday night, to hang out, play Wii, or watch a movie or something. We haven't decided yet.

This will tire Pat out, and he'll be an ogre. I'll be ready to do it again next weekend.

Don't think that's likely! :p

OH! A reminder! Pat's birthday is the 19th! WOO!

Have a good weekend everyone!



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