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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Pat's Birthday!

Yesterday was Pat's birthday. We both took the day off to relax and be together.

We cleaned, did errands, watched a cruising show (about how cool cruising is from the Travel Channel!), and watched more TV, started some new Camelot, and had salmon for the first time ever together!

It was pretty good!!

Beth's car was stolen around New Years, and she's still waiting for either money from the insurance company or a call from the police. Good luck sis. Hope your Chargers (and my Bronco's) both do better next year.....until the final game, where the Bronco's will trounce the Chargers into the ground! =)

Beth's birthday is the 25th! So, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY BETH!

Tomorrow's game with the Colts vs the Patriots will be interesting. Jeremy will be coming over to watch! GO COLTS!!

Today's link may not be appropriate for young children....who shouldn't be reading my blog anyway since sometimes I'm prone to cussing up a storm. ;) Row over angry, penis-removing doctor

Also, I'd like to make sure everyone is on the same page with this one. I cuss. A lot. Obviously not in front of my parents, or Pat's parents, but not because I'd rather not, just cause it's easier to keep the peace then to be myself apparently. Sucks.

I am who I am, don't like it? Don't care. Move along, and have a great weekend rooting for the colts.


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