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Friday, February 02, 2007

My Car

It's dying. It's almost dead.

An Ode To My Car:

From San Diego we journeyed far and wide!
To Vegas, Disneyland, and all places in between.
Through traffic thick and thin we drove.

I loaned you to my brother.
I missed you while you were gone.
But I got to see you often cause Nath and I hit places together all the time! *winks*
Nath left, I got you back. Not a fair trade.

Dad fixed you up all pretty-like and to Salt Lake we went together.
I'm sorry someone took your steering wheel our second night there.
Salt Lake held trials like no other.
My car and my sister were there for me.

We moved to Boise.
Weasel didn't like the ride.
When it rains you can tell.
Pat got a job in California.
After 8 weeks in Boise we had you towed to Ridgecrest.

From Ridgecrest it's been 3 and a half years.
Together through the 117ยบ summers and freezing winters.
Pat yelled at me for not checking your oil for over a year and a
lot of miles!
Back and forth to Wal-Mart every day.

Through smoking and quitting.
Through starting and quitting again. *winks*
Through the fun and pain of it car.

Soon we'll say goodbye.
I will miss you.
Thank you for the miles.
Thank you for the fun.
Thank you for not breaking down on me when I needed you the most.

My friend.
My car.


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