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Friday, June 29, 2007


Pat fixed Tawnia's computer a few days ago, and in the process, broke it. Then he fixed it again. In the process the subject of Christmas came up.

Don't ask.....subjects that were also discussed included MMO's, pr0n, her big dog that wouldn't stop sitting on me, and her going ballistic at work!

Anyway, she was surprised I didn't have a Christmas counter on my blog. Well I don't have one here, but I have one on my webpage. Which is otherwise, completely and totally empty!

Eat your heart out baby!

This year Pat and I have few plans for Christmas, as it's my year to work at the office. I'll be going to the Signature Travel Network conference in early December so most of our Christmas money will probably go towards that. Maybe we'll see a Cirque du Soleil show or something. I'll be there the 4th through the 6th at the Luxury Travel Expo and the 7th and 8th at the Signature Travel Network annual sales meeting.

For those of you interested in Pat's submissions to GamersInfo you can find them right here!

My submissions are a little more varied as I have to cover all the industry games I can bring myself to keep up with (and there are a LOT). You can find my submissions in two ways. All of my submissions can be seen here. But unless you like keeping up with assets from the community (screenies, movies, etc) it's gonna bore you.

Otherwise, click here for my EQ2 playing blog.

I've now become addicted to Reflexive Games, and I think I got Tawnia addicted too! I'm excited!

So! Hope that's a good update! The Laughlin trip report will be up this weekend! Stay safe all!



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