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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Freakin' Morons

I was reading some blogs of some folks here in Ridgecrest and found some comments someone made to someone else's friend about some travel that someone went on! It's actually a little less vague then that, but I don't want to get into it. :)

ANYWAY! These people had a horrible trip overseas and had the AUDACITY to blame it on the airlines! HA HA HA HA HA!

Buncha 'tards (add your fave cuss word in front o' that one...makes for great fun around our house!).

This group of people got to the airport in Los Angeles late, who knows what they did in Chicago to miss their flight there. Had their luggage lost (oki, that part isn't their fault, and it sucks). Then once they got overseas they had missed their connection due to the Chicago fiasco and they got sassy with the agents at the airline desks over there.

Word to moronic anger management people everywhere! AMERICANS TAKE MORE CRAP THEN ANYONE ELSE!!! So what happened? They called security on her. *cackles* AWESOME! You can't yell and cause a scene overseas. BIG men with even bigger guns WILL come and escort you away. So play nice. :)

Anyway, so they missed their next flight. THEN on their next connection they had breakfast, cause they were hungry and in the process, MISSED THEIR NEXT FLIGHT.


Anyway.....again. Buncha 'tards. They work for a firm here in town that does their travel through us. I am NOT the agent that handled the travel. Our office DID recommend that NONE of those traveling are fit for tying their shoes much less overseas travel.

The trip took 43 hours, they had their luggage lost, they missed their meeting. They *deserved* it. =)

I had to rant. Sorry. *shrugs*


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