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Tuesday, June 19, 2007


It's my birthday tomorrow, so Pat and I are heading out to a relaxing few days in Laughlin

In the meantime, Tawnia is taking care o' the crazy Puppy! Annnnnnnd work is doing without me and our most experienced agent Wednesday. This should be interesting.

I promise to answer my cell phone tomorrow between the hours of 9am and about 2 or 3pm. After that, leave a message and I will attempt to call you back as soon as whenever I check my messages or remember I have a cell phone! :p

It's nice to go to Laughlin. Pat and I can get so wrapped up in our individual things that it's nice to have a time and place we set aside only for each other. This weekend, like our other trips to drinking and gambling establishments, we renew our energy and our focus on each other. While being slightly tipsey, and feeding the koi at Colorado Belle.

It's fun! Unlike "feeding flamingos" at Sea World. Which ended up being "feeding ducks ya buncha tards". It was more humilitating then buying 4 fish for $5 to feed my little sea lions! But anyway!

This trip we're taking Urgle the Turtle, who you might remember, Pat rescued from California Adventures.

By the way, linger on that site, and after the cute little flash video of the Block Party thing comes the music to Soarin' Over California. By far the most awesome ride at DCA. It makes my heart sore just to hear it. I'd LOVE to have that music on my cell phone, or better yet, at work on my computer.....and in my head all the time. There's just NO WAY anyone could be anything but light hearted while listening to it! It's awesome.

And in case you didn't hear my trip report....Roz from the Monsters, Inc Ride said something to Pat the two times we went on it. An excellent ride, and the BEST pre-ride ever!!!! Two tigger tails way up! ;p Or maybe super bouncy.... Still working on the rating system!

On other topics, I've become interested in learning more about mythology, and my friend Misty has an eclectic reading list and she recommended this to read, as well as 12 other books....she's kinda crazy! :p

And in recent news lead paint on a child's toy leads to yet another recall. Seriously? How the heck do you accidently paint a kid toy with paint that contains lead? Oh! And read the last few lines of that story!
Lead poisoning is a bigger threat to children than one might think. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 1 million US children under 5 have high levels of lead in their blood, and more than 20 per cent of African American children living in old houses built before 1946 have high levels of lead in their blood.
How many people is that 20%? 12? One million?! Twenty ....QUABILLION!?

And on that's time to sleep. So! Be well my friends. Fare carefully upon this road that is life. And a thought. End every conversation as if it were the final conversation you may have with the recipient. Life is to short to do otherwise.

Let the people you love know they are loved, appreciated, and that you care.





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