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Sunday, June 10, 2007

The MMO Issue

Pat and I have both been gamers for a very long time. It's something we both enjoy doing to different degrees. I spend a lot of my free time doing work that involves MMO's for the various sites that I have volunteered with over the years. Pat just wants to play.

We have incredibly different play styles. I craft, decorate my house, quest for the storylines and cute rewards, keep track of d00dspeaking morons so I can ignore them later when they need heals to survive or a rez. MWA HA HA

Pat is as aggressive in playing to advance as anyone could be.

We don't tend to mix. Example: Server opens we both start playing. 2 weeks later I would be level 15, he'd be level 20 cause he's trying to stay close to me. A month later he got tired of waiting and I'd be level 19 and he'd be 36. Although we both really want to play with each other in games, it makes it hard.

It also makes it hard when Pat plays with real life friends on another server instead of on the server that we originally started on. Now, I don't blame him!!!! You play games to have fun! I totally understand this! But it can be difficult to rationalize sometimes, that my husband would rather play games with someone else. I do realize that this is, of course, not the case! But again, sometimes I'm not all that rational!

So, the situation. I hate WoW. Always have, probably always will. It's a good game, but I think as far as my kind of MMO, it's on the BOTTOM of the list. Well, above all the MMO's that involve FPS (First person shooter) type shooting.

The question! What do I do? I have real life friends and family that play the server in WoW that I'm on. In some cases, they've switched servers from their own communities to play with me! And now, I want to abandon them so that I can go have fun doing something else. How selfish. I feel horrible.

If I do leave, where do I go? Lord of the Rings Online looks awesome!!! Very kinship orriented, very leisurely types of activities that are non-adventure related. Could be fun.

Any number of Free to play MMO's are also available. But most of them have a level or time cap before payment is required, am I willing to start an MMO knowing that I'm only going to play until Warhammer Online comes out?

When WAR does come out, what then? Pat and I have tried many, many games together. None of them have gone well as far as a couple playing together. The only thing we really fight about is gaming, and though we don't fight often it can be frustrating to have that issue there.

Do we start on the same server, knowing Pat will outlevel me and not be able to group or play with me? Do we just do different servers? Will I want to, or be able to compete without having friends to play with? I doubt it. But is it Pat's responsibility to allow me to have fun, taking away his? No!

So, I am at a thinking point. What to do, what to do?
*does her best Winnie the Pooh look* Think, Think, Think!

I guess it'll take a lot of thought!

Love ya'll!

Have a great week!


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