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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Music is my life

Well, it once was.

I love every part of being with Pat. But one, I would change if I could. I *LOVE* music. When John and I used to run through EQ we used to type the lyrics of whatever we were listening to at the moment out to each other. Yes, we're all weird. Deal with it.

On that note though, we DID spend most of our time running, because we always died...mostly cause either I was being stupid or cause Lisa would tempt him with more fun things to do elsewhere *grumbles* :p


My play list is a little weird. Eminem (and Dr. Dre!!) meets Enya meets Yo Yo Ma.

My MP3 player? California Love followed by a string of Techno GOD DJ Jean. Pat?

*sighs* He listens to Tenacious D, Offspring and then he gets into a lot of wanna be punk/alternative. Only problem is, he listens to them BY ALBUM! I go from song to song. It's crazy our differences in listening.

Of course, now he listens to talk radio. There's something horrific about being bombarded with both Dr. Larua and Glen Beck in one day. Of course, I tend to argue with the radio...more often with Dr. Laura then anyone.

So.....I'm sitting here patching EQ2 and listening to my MP3 player playing Prodigy right now (just played Lil' Kim). I might have to buy some new headphones cause I listen to my music loud and he kinda hates my music. But I'm tired of completely being without my music!!!!!!!

I also miss dancing. I could do with some foam dancing or a nice clean rave with at least 5 hours of nothing but EAR popping jungle with a DJ that's got some taste. I'd even get out my glow sticks and pacifier if it meant just dancing......for hours......

OH! EQ2 is done! And Praga Khan is on MP3! *dances around, computer chair style while she logs in*

Night guys!



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