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Monday, June 25, 2007

My New Site!

Oki, well it's not MINE per say, but I belong there, and it's home.

So I'd like all of YOU to make it home too. If only beccause when the site does well with hits, we get to turn off the pop-under ads! :p

The site is

We cover games of ALL sort. Cell phone games, internet games, flash games, console games, MMO games, you name it - we cover it. And we cover it from the players perspective. If you think it sucks for a reason, tell other gamers!

It SUCKS buying a game for $50 or $60 and finding out that you wasted your money.

I work on the MMO section. Mostly blogs and reviews and interviews.

SO! Read Pat's blogs about his supah cool druid. Read my EQ2 blogs about Sherra and her adventure in Norrath. Read about how MMO's could change, be better, or worse!

See ya there!



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