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Saturday, June 09, 2007


So, it's been a busy week! Hell, it's been a busy year!

I left Stratics and went to GamersInfo. I am now the MMO Editor. It's been keeping me busy! Check out my EQ2 blogs and keep an eye out for a lot of upcoming interviews!

Pat and I went to San Diego to visit Sea World! We had a blast. Pat is getting the pics of the camera sometime soon!

While we were in San Diego Pat and I bought a car! My new 2007 Honda Civic LX is very pretty! WOO! Mine looks like this! Driving it home was the first time I had driven legally on a freeway in 5 years and 2 months! So I spent the freeway time in San Diego pretty much frozen.

Between the cheap hotel bed (the hotel wasn't bad though!), being kinda frozen while driving on San Diego freeways, switching volunteer positions, and being stressed at work, my back had a TON of problems. A few visits to Dr. June Wieder and I am recovering nicely. Had to take Friday off work though. Sitting was just so incredibly painful!

As always, thank you to Tawnia for watching Puppy while we were gone!

Congrats to Jeremy and Jojo on their upcoming nuptials!

Annnnnnnnd, back to stuffs!

Love ya'll!



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