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Monday, July 30, 2007

2 Completely Unrelated Points

I am completely shocked by my adult found respect for much of what is often called "The Man". No, I'm not talking about the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America).

I am talking about law enforcement in general, laws, rules, etc,. Considering I spent more then half of my childhood doing whatever I could to irritate and disobey my parents simply because they thought they could tell me what to do, I find it rather odd that my adult life is being spent rigidly obeying most laws.

I speed, up the speed limit and then cruise there. Sometimes 2-3 MPH more. But that's it! I stop completely at stop signs. I don't even rip tags off of pillowcases and blankets (yes, I know it's not a law, but it's my blog damn it!).

Pat, however, is completely blatant in his non-obeying of every law including mine! It's rather irritating! Cause you know he spent his childhood rarely daring to disobey his parents. He's gonna be mad at me for typing that, but he'll live.

Anyway. Just a thought I had.

Another thought was how truly unfair some business practices can be. Take for example, commissions in the travel industry.

We get paid by the cruise lines and hotels for booking clients. If those clients book themselves they are often charged more then the price I could get (in the case of cruises) and they NEVER receive a press less-commission. The supplier simply pockets that amount as true and total profit.

To make matters worse, when the cruise lines, hotels, and car companies go to pay the agency the commission that we are owed, we (travel agency) are charged a processing fee for it! Because the cruise lines use a third party check writer. Doing an EBT (electronic bank transfer) does not negate this fee. How fucked up crazy is that?! Seriously! I have to PAY you to sell your product? And if YOU sell it you get to keep what would otherwise be my livelihood rather then giving the consumer a break? Freakin' bite me!

Oh well. I guess it's either live with it or stop being a travel agent.

I'm having to much fun to stop now, but it's still irritating!


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