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Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm off!

You can tell when I'm off work, or bored. I post random ramblings that aren't thought out well (see two posts was I trying to say??!). Even I can't decipher it sometimes.

Today I've done loads of laundry, dishes, washed the shower curtain liner, played with Puppy, watched TV, got my EQ2 crafting to 15 (to match my adventuring level), went to work for a few minutes, played dice wars, read Harry Potter cause I have to re-read before I see the movie so I can tell Pat how horrible the movie portrayed important plot lines, and generally was a lazy little chick on a much needed day off!


Now I'm off to vaccuum the front room, clean the clutter off our walk-in hutch thingie, clean my bathroom counter and clean the coffee table all while watching an hour of friends and an hour of raymond. ahhhh, the good life!

Love ya'll!




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