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Thursday, July 05, 2007

In the news today!

I'm both incredibly busy at work, and kinda bored. I've been spending SO much time just glued to my monitor trying to get these corporate people set up that I spent a bit of time surfing and reading news!

Now I get to share that with you guys! You guys meaning Tawnia, and maybe Pat in 3 months, when he finally reads this. *kicks Pat*

GameSpot has this really great article about my much hated nemisis, EA.
Upcoming titles Madden NFL 08, NBA Live 08, and FIFA 08 will allow players entering a contest to choose between two play modes in the Wii versions: Advanced or Family. Advanced will give gamers complete control over all aspects of play, whereas the Family mode will just allow the gamer to control key actions, such as shooting, passing, snapping, and throwing.

Advanced Play will utilise both the Wii Remote and the Nunchuk controllers, and Family Play uses just the Wii Remote. In a statement, EA said, "It's like having an invisible helper on your team. Plus, as novice players gain confidence in their ability, they can gradually begin to use Advanced controls simply by plugging in the Nunchuk."
WOO HOO! Gaming for the perpetually stupid fingered, like me! I might actually enjoy playing a sports game now!!! Only took 'em 12 years to get this one right!

Meanwhile, Microsoft has announced customer service unlike anything console gaming has ever had! read here and here!
The company said it will repair or replace devices that experience the three red light error message within three years of their purchase. It also said it will retroactively reimburse customers who have paid for repairs related to the three red light message.
Hardware issues with the Xbox have been widely reported lately, and the red light error message has been dubbed "the red ring of death" by gamers and bloggers.
The online publication DailyTech reported July 2 that an anonymous employee of retailer EB Games placed the failure rate of Xbox consoles at between 30% and 33%.
DailyTech reported the following day that a British game console repair company has withdrawn its service for the three red light error, citing the high volume of requests for such repairs.

Imagine if Sony had done that with the PS1, and PS2! They'd certainly be out of business by now, rather then just bleeding slowly to death by putting out crap that no one but the most hardcore of stupids would actually buy. Unless Nathan has a PS3, and then.......well you suck monkey tails! =)

Anyway! Some good news for gamers! Now go play something! QUICK! Before the twitch comes back!

OH! And a quick plug! Gods and Heroes Online: Hero Camp I WANNA PLAY!!!


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