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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Princess Commodore

At first I couldn't easily find a way to convert this .tif to a .jpg or .png, but I finally found an Online Converter! WOO!!

First I tried .png but that didn't work. Which made me sad. So I tried converting it to .jpg, but again, that didn't work, so now I'm kinda ticked.

So instead I'll just give you guys the URL. *sighs* I want more pics in my blog!

My Commodore Status.

Commodore Certified Travel Agency

This is a Travel Agency location that has encouraged its staff to excel to the highest standards of Princess Cruises product knowledge. This represents many hours of dedicated education; taking courses that range from Fleet Overview, Technology and Onboard Experience to Domestic and International Destinations. Commodore agency locations have successfully progressed through four achievement levels to reach the Commodore status and then maintain this level through continued education. A Commodore certified Travel Agent is highly qualified to assist you with your cruise plans to exciting destinations all over the world!

I worked really hard on this. I spent a lot of time to learn the brand, the ships, the itineraries, and our rep for Princess didn't even know, didn't put me (the office manager) on his email list and calls Wednesday to tell me I have to be First Officer that day on their sister brand, Cunard.

Not interested, thanks. We've sold 1 in 7 years. I'm not going to waste my time. I know where my clients interests are, and that ain't it!

But then he asks for my login/pass for the site so that he can bump me to First Officer without me doing the classes or tests. Hot dog! What ethics!

I'm unimpressed, frustrated, and now, not interested in selling either brand!!! What a 'tard!



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