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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Really cool and VERY funny!

Hovercrafts don't like steel grates!

And in case you're a gamer living in a cave, the artistry of Tim Buckly can only be described in two words : Incredibly Awesome.

Pat and I have a signed poster, the DVD collection, the comic books, the screenies, you name it, we got it baby! CTRL-ALT-DEL fans from the beginning. In today's lesson for ya'll we learn something fun!

Never again can we trust George Lucas. Though the last one WAS a reedeming grace for most of the screw ups, midichlorians included....nothing will ever heal the wounds that Jar Jar inflicted upon us all.

But Pat and I are planning a Star Wars weekend here soon! Untold hours in Star Wars watching, with books to assist with the timeline and character discussion.

I LOVE being a geek!!!!


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