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Monday, July 30, 2007

Sad, but not all that sad

A 75 year old man walked into a hospital today here in Ridgecrest and fired shots before being shot down by a CHP Officer. The man is now dead, and there is lots of speculation. None of which I particularly care about. There are rumors that someone was shot by him before he died. I have to live off rumors because it's not like we have local tv, and the paper will run the story wrong at least 3 times. Which is neither here or there.

Some in my office have expressed great concern that the man was shot. My feelings towards the situation are rather ambivalent. I couldn't really care less.

You carry a shotgun into a hospital and start shooting......what do you expect? To be pushed to the front of the line to see the Dr? I'd laugh, but it's really not funny.

Now I don't know what his motive was. Not sure if he or someone he loves was diagnosed with something horrible, or if he just went crazy. Or maybe, he wasn't in control of himself somehow.

No matter the reason, my salute to the men and women of our CHP and surrounding area local police department and sheriff's who responded to this situation and responded quickly in such a way as to minimize threat to innocents.

It's a sad day for both the CHP officer who was forced to take action, and for the friends and family of the man who died. The man himself? He's dead, and regardless of the reason behind it, it was his actions that precipitated the event. I don't really mourn him all that much.

You can call me Iceheart all you want, but my eyes are the same color baby! (If you get that reference, you are a true geek and I love you like a Jedi!)

I can only hope that this doesn't stop anyone from being hired at our already beleaguered hospital, and that those who work tremendously hard for little appreciation and sporadic pay (our hospital is having financial problems as it is) won't be frightened off by crazy people who are trying to kill them and their patients.

And I hope that this is a lesson to all of you crazies. When faced with a situation where you can pick up a gun and shoot something in anger, how about not aiming at innocent people, eh? If you do, I truly hope law enforcement acts quickly and without hesitation to bring your crazy ass down.



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