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Friday, July 06, 2007

Thank you to my honey!

I'd like to thank Pat for his hard coding work in getting my blog to actually work in Firefox! WOO!! Thank you honey!

Also, an update on Pat's grandmother! She was having serious issues, but after a few surgeries, and some attentive doctors, she's doing much better!

And an update on Uncle Bob. (I first spelled BoB, a corporation in the game EVE Online)
Uncle Bob had some pancreatic issues, and from what I understand is doing much, much better!

It's been tough dealing with people in both our families being ill. I've never really lost anyone very close to me in my adult life. I don't handle stuff like that well. I emotionally break down on behalf of everyone around me. It's horrible.

Anyway. Pat is off today. Meanie! I am working mostly corporate travel customers, getting them set before the weekend!

Everyone have a great Friday, and an even more wonderful weekend!



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