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Saturday, July 28, 2007

This Weekend!

We went to go see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I think it was the best individual movie of the series thus far. There were, obviously, some gaping holes in the storyline compared to the books. But with the other movies there was stop-gap coverage of the storyline and confusion ensued on my part, when they didn't cover each story arc in detail. Perhaps that was only me. Regardless of what's happened in other movies however, I thought they did well!

In case you hadn't heard (living in caves, attention span of a moth, etc,.) the last Harry Potter book was released last Saturday. Pat and I got home from Jeremy's wedding (pictures are coming....Pat is being lazy!) last Sunday. We grabbed the book after being in town less then 10 minutes. I started the book around 5:30, maybe 6pm and finished somewhere around midnight, or somewhere close.

Excellent book, but again, storyline closure is lacking. I was wrong on one of my beliefs of the book that I expressed to Pat, but the other one (R.A.B.) I was correct! GO ME!

We quickly tried the Asian MMO Maple Story and found it interesting. It's a side-scrolling freebie. I can't get it to run on my comp. I have a 64bit version of Windows XP and there's some stuff that just will not work. I have complained to Pat. His answer is "Next time I won't buy you a new computer". So I've stopped complaining, especially since stuff I really *need* like my work programs, he's allowed me to install on his computer. He's a sweety!

Pat has also become quite a chef! He makes the yummiest low carb chicken parmesan, and very yummy low carb cinnamon rolls. Every weekend he makes me pancakes, and he seems to enjoy looking up new things to cook.

Now I'm not sure if the reason he enjoys cooking is because he has two choices: Cook or help clean. It's his responsibility to clean the kitchen and he does a damn good job of it, maybe cooking just becamse an easy way to keep me from dirtying every pan in the kitchen while making dinner.

It helps that I don't often come home from a day at work and feel like cooking I'm sure.

Since I asked him to help my dieting by eating out less, he has really, really, been awesome about making dinner, and making something yummy, and including veggies with each meal.

I married the most amazing man. No, not just because he cooks!

Pat is my best friend, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on! He gets stuck with making the hard decisions. I put my faith in him that he will make decisions for our family that are best for us as a couple. What pressure. And he does awesome. He always looks out for me. He always makes the right decision. And if he doesn't, then by me putting my faith in him and in his decisions I have no right to critisize. It would be unfair to put everyone on his shoulders and then wait for circumstances, a mistake, a bad judgement to rip on him. We're in the rest of our lives as a team.

I look out for him because I love him. With all of my heart. With all of my hapiness. I am just so very happy always because of him, and I want you ALL to know!

It's wonderful!

Hopefully everyone will have a really great weekend!


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