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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Why Do You Play Games?

I play games cause they're fun, social, and can challenge you. I love playing games where you know the answers are in front of you, rather then having to guess at the next step.

It's the difference between books such as Sherlock Holmes and Nancy Drew compared to Trixie Beldon and Harry Potter.

You're given the hints in the latter, all the way through the books. The former skip that clue or two that would let you, the reader, solve it yourself and then pull it out at the end! "Well my dear Watson, you missed the slime of mud at the scene which could only come from the alligators of Sudan" and so forth.

So, back to games!!

I am a social butterfly. If I wanted to play a solo game, I'd be playing Legend of Zelda or Earthbound (COME ON ENIX GAMES ON WII VIRTUAL CONSOLE BABY!).

I want to at least have my actions possibly affect someone. I could help by throwing a heal at a lower character (if anyone says 'toon I become violent, I'm not kidding. I WILL hit you!), assisting with a tough kill, information for a newbie, or just generally being friendly and giving out stuff.

I am what is often called a "perpetual newb". But not due to lack of in game time usually. I don't level cause it's not as fun as some of the other parts of the game. I love crafting!!!!!!!! I love creating things that people need and having that create a chance to talk or chat about something.

It could be role played! Try having a conversation with a Kerra in EQ2 about how their mom reverted to her pre-intelligent form and left her to fend for herself with 3 kitten siblings.

Or it could be informational. Swapping info on where to harvest, best things to make to level crafting, or why one recipe is better then another for any reason at all.

Either way, it amounts to one thing! TALKING! Anyone that knows me, knows I LOVE to talk. I could talk all day long, I could talk to strangers....I regularly carry on conversations with books, my dog, the oven and the TV. Oh, and the radio. Mostly when Pat is listening to the most horrible woman alive, Dr. Laura.

Hence, why I don't do consoles. I don't know what O, X, Sqaure?!!?? WHO THE HELL THOUGHT A SQUARE WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA? That's right! Stupid Sony!!!!!! *rants*

A square, I ask you!!!! WHY! Anyway.

I'm not good at the controls (in cause you didn't get that). Which is why I love the Wii. It's much more intuitive. And there's no damn squares! Just the A and B button! Annnnnnnnnd, here we go!


Thank you.


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