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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Out of town!

Tawnia gets to go to Laughlin! We get to go to Anaheim! That's right! I'm staying within walking distance of Disneyland baby!!! More importantly, I get to hang out with Marilu (Pat's mom) while Pat and his Dad John do the conference thing.

There seem to be some interesting conferences at DARPATech '07. But I'm not sure if Marilu and I can attend them. Either way, there's lots to do in Anaheim! And lots nearby!

And from what I've heard from Pat, his parents need the break! So YAY for hanging out and exploring new things starting Monday!

Miss Tawnia (or Tawni-ta as I've been calling her...just a matter of time 'til she beats me silly!) will be in Laughlin doin' the river/lake/casino thang! Have a great time girl, get totally smashed (not on the rivers and lakes!) and then enjoy your lobster red self at the casinos. And on that note - WEAR SUNSCREEN DAMN IT!!!!!!!


See ya'll in a week!



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