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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some Good Stuff

Mom and Dad came up last weekend. It was really refreshing to see them. I've missed them both so very much.

Pat introduced dad to Slacker. A website everyone should be aware of.

Pat also got Mom's blog re-set up, and she's been posting there this last week. My mom is such an amazing writer, with really odd but sweet angles. Shocking it's the same person I grew up fighting with every day for almost 14 years.

Pat also (busy guy, eh?) found the Disneyland Fireworks Show, Remember...Dreams Come True online for me. I've only cried at 2 fireworks show. One was the Walt Disney fireworks when Pat's family and I got to go. It was such an amazing time. The second was this show. Standing in Disneyland with my husband of one year, the man of my dreams, wathing this truly awesome show. It was nothing short of true magic. So when we going to Disneyland people!? I'm ALWAYS available for Disney!!

So here it is for your 17 minute portal to another world. Where you can be innocent, kind, childlike, and no one will laugh at you. Maybe...think about trying to be like that anyway?


*Wishes she was going to Disneyland*



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