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Sunday, October 07, 2007


So, I went back to Stratics. Doing so has turned out to be a pretty huge mistake. The reasons I left still exist. But I went back for what I consider to be a noble reason, and I am not going to back out, slack, or do anything more then my very best to succeed, for a multiple of reasons.

But....the drama makes me want to choke myself on my keyboard.

Not everyone gets along. Which is fine. Except that now I'm on the side that everyone hates. Mostly because of a friend of mine.

So how am I supposed to maintain my friendship, get along with everyone (a requirement for some sort of survival), and still do a great job?

I'm at a loss.



Keep an eye on Stratics for some awesomeness. And keep an eye on the reason I went back to Stratics, and never, ever let me forget! THIS is the reason I am an Associate Editor of Stratics Central : The MMO Gamer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did The MMO Gamer make you go back to Stratics?

1:28 AM  

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