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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Allakhazam!!!! .com

So. I've been hired by! They're a gaming site that is looking to use someone of my talents for an as-yet unnamed project. Maggie and Judy and I left Stratics and went to "AKZ" or "Zam". I wish my friends (and enemies) at Stratics nothing but the very best!!

I didn't get a chance for a good-bye post cause Gallahan was an ass-hat. But here goes.

beans, and DH. You've both been good friends. I can *always* depend on you guys to be happy for me, and to yell at me when I've done something truly stupid (Hey, I've done "alot" I know!). That was for you beans. Simply because I enjoy annoying you. I'm sorry. *grins*

Anyway. So I can't announce my new work project, but Pat and I are playing Lord of the Rings Online (LotRO) and we joined The Council of the Secret Fire. Also you can read my little playing blog here!


Go Colts
SUCK IT CHARGERS! ha ha ha ha ha

kbye for real!


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