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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

LotRO Lore: Tinaren In - Just A Moment

My minstrel's name is Tinaren. Dimlii is Pat. When this actually happened, Pat saved my butt, but that story is way more boring. =)


The wights were truly shockingly horrible to behold. Their pure evil plunged Tinaren's heart deep into her chest. She swallowed and was surprised to find that her throat had dried out while she had been scouting the scene.

She took a step, her dagger held close behind her, her soft elven boots making no sound on the ground. She grew more bold, looking around her less often and narrowing in on her prize, a chest near the crumbling structure.

Bavor would be happy! It had only taken the young minstrel a few days to make her way to this place, and soon she'd be in command of the third gear! The dwarves could fix their damn vault, and Tinaren could go back to making music quietly in the halls, without the loud, obnoxious creatures constantly harassing her!

She shook her head silently. "I Must concentrate on my task at hand" she told her self almost silently.

But the almost was enough. A wight had come up behind her and it struck instantly as it heard her muttering. She crumbled at first, under the pain and surprise. Her lute fell to to ground and her dagger slipped from her fingers. She look directly at the horrid thing and muttered again to herself "One Moment!"

As if the haunting creature would heed her! The once human ghost of a creature swung at her again, this time hitting her left shoulder. She ducked down to pick up her dagger with her right hand and with her left felt for her lute, as she assumed a fighting stance. "One...more...moment!" She looked for her lute out of the corner of her eye and missed the third shot, this time on her right elbow.

She squealed in pain and even as she did it she realized it was the most un-elflike thing she had ever done. She chastised herself even as her dagger dropped from her stinging hand and all feeling in her right arm became only blinding pain.

She stepped out of the way of the next shot, but fell to the ground as her footing escaped her. She sighed and screamed in both anger and frustration as her pack fell around her shoulder and caused exruciating pain.

"This is not how it's supposed to work out!" she raged as she dodged yet another hit, dropped her pack to the ground and grabbed her lute. She strummed as well as she could with her off-hand while holding the lute tight against herself. Her right hand had no strength for holding, and even as she used her fingers to hit the strings akwardly tears of pain streamed down her face.

Somehow she hit the strings well enough though and she began to feel better, slowly...slowly...

The wight took a step towards her, throwing off her strumming and she dodged again but her strength was giving out and she knew she couldn't last much longer.

She could hear her dwarven companion, Dimlii, coming up the hill, struggling with the severity of the grade. "DIMLII HURRY!" She screamed and as she did so the wight caught her on the left knee with his mace and she fell to the ground.

Tinaren cursed herself, her bad luck, poor attention and the damned dwarf's short legs. She vowed to get herself a new companion, a taller one even, as she rolled a few feet away from her enemy, grabbed her pouch with her left hand and furiously threw the items in it upon the ground.

She kicked the contents around with her hurt foot, cringing in pain. The wight laughed an inhuman capability for something with no control of the air blowing through its bones. Even as the thought crossed her mind she wondered how she could think something so inane while her life hung in a balance she couldn't seem to control.

A noise directly behind the wight caught its attention for a moment, and Tinaren kicked the items from her pack in a panic. "Why must I carry 2 cloaks, 20 animal hides and food I will never eat around with me!?" she raged yet again, drawing the wight's attention back to her.

"ONE MOMENT!" She screamed with glee as she caught site of her goal! A small green bottle with a stopper was hiding just under the last hide she had kicked. She grabbed the bottle and caught the top between her teeth. She paused a moment to long in guzzling the drink held in the bottle as the wight caught her wrist and hand with his mace and the bottle went flying.

"NO!" She scolded the wight and for a moment, he stopped, as if confused. She could see Dimlii coming up the hill out of the corner of her eye and she smiled knowing her savious was at hand. But to late did she see the last hit from the mace as it smashed into her left shoulder and threw her handily to the ground. "I'll see you moment" she breathed out her last breath and knew no more that moment.


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