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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Laptop

Or WoW-Pop, if you're Tawnia!

The laptop came today. Pat is setting it up and playing with it. Of course, we had to call Dell after the order was placed we called them back and modified it to add a webcam.

So while I'm sitting here reading stuff for work, Pat takes these pics:

I can no longer look away when he's playing on the laptop.

In other news, iTunes has a new commercial with Mary J. Blige that features the song "Work That". The song is only available at this time, on iTunes. On December somethingorother it will launch to the rest of us. Is this going to make me run out and buy an ipod and download itunes? HELL NO. Instead, I offer you this piece of ranting: DIE STEVE JOBS, DIE!

Now, to understand this you must realize that quicktime (I'd link to it, but it's evil) is the most evil piece of software ever created. Yes, this list includes all windows products (including windows 3.1 and win95) AND any and all h@xx3r programs. (This is not an invitation to hack me, just making an observation!)

Also, Steve Jobs sold out to Disney when Pixar could have gone it alone and done so fantastic. Granted, California Adventures wouldn't be near as fun without the Pixar cast of characters. But still. Selling out, is selling out. (Do you hear me Avril Lavigne, Tony Hawk and George Lucas?!!?)

So, in closing. Midichlorians my ass, and may the force sell you lots of stuff.

Thank you.


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