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Thursday, November 29, 2007

No Movie! Bee is sad

Well, I'm not entirely broken up about it, but still.

Pat was kinda sniffly this morning when he woke up but he didn't seem to concerned when he went for lunch. When he got home he was sneezing non-stop, and had some serious nasal congestion issues (pleasant to hear about, eh?).

So we went to dinner with Tawnia at Charley's and decided that we should postpone the movie and Pat and Tawnia could play WoW.

So....that was our evening! I made Pat buy some zicam stuff, hopefully he'll feel better in the morning.

If he doesn't, it's gonna suck, cause it's a 3 day (flex) weekend, and he should be able to enjoy his extra day off.

Either way...see ya in the morning!


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