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Sunday, December 02, 2007

BCS Stuffs

Congrats to Hawaii! GO WARRIORS GO!

But in BCS news, Pat found this story:
Most overrated game: BCS national championship game, Ohio State vs. LSU. Look, I can't get excited about a team that lost to two average SEC teams -- one at home -- and a coach who says his team is undefeated in "regulation."

That's like me saying I should've been valedictorian in college, but apparently, they count calculus, physics, economics and sports journalism classes. Then there's Ohio State. What do we know about the Bucks? They lost one game in regulation.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Oki, pretty weak this year. Hawaii is the ONLY undefeated team. They were screwed. LSU somehow jumped from 7, to 2, without playing a single game. Talk about crazy.

USC and LSU are both the same losing records and one is #2 and one is #7. Again, ha ha ha ha!

Anyway. My Aztecs aren't in it yet again this year. Bring on the Rose Bowl Parade, and then BRING ON BASKETBALL BABY!!



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