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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Phat Lewtz

I made out like a wiggly bandit!

I got:
A Rowing Machine
A new microwave (buttons instead of a turney timer)
A new computer chair
flannel sheets (WOO)
3 new notebooks!
2 very, very nice pens
Old school Mickey Mouse spoon
REALLY cool Disney Peter Pan figurine - You can NOT find the like anywhere
One Mickey Mouse old school plastic figurine
One Donald Duck old school plastic figurine
Tinkerbell Clock
Tinkerbell wallet with mirror thingie
Lotions of various scents
Yummy smelling candles
Mints (that Pat will eat)
Christmas Magnets (You guys know me, Christmas up all year 'round!)

Pat got:
The new Link DS game (hasn't arrived yet)
The new Zach and Wiki Wii game (hasn't arrived yet)
Donkey Kong Jungle Climber DS game
New pants
New jacket
New sweatpants
New sleeping pants (Santa went crazy with the pants theme this year!)
A super cool GPS system (we tested it on Wal-Mart and coming back home already!)
Orcs and Elves DS game
I am American and so can You by Stephen ColberT (mwa ha ha - Yes, I got him a book!)
Wii Zapper gun with Link shootey game
Mario Super Strikers Wii game (also went a little crazy with video games)
Pirates of the Caribbean 3 DVD and a PotC game

Puppy got:
A new squeeky ball toy
A car harness restraint system so that when we take him in the car he doesn't go flying when we hit the brakes. Pat laughs when Puppy goes flying. Pat is mean.
A stocking filled with toys he will immediately chew up.
A really cool dog bed to keep him warm when he sleeps! This is an indoor toy as the second he gets bored outside he'll chew it into little bits and he'll be pooping fluff for a month. He's done it twice already.

Pat made fudge and cookies. All Simpson recipes! Cookies are gone. Fudge will be gone soon! Turkey breast is in the oven. We'll be making having mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, turkey breast, and rolls for lunch/dinner soon!

This is our first year married celebrating Christmas at home. Steven is playing Camelot. It's like the good old days.

Merry Christmas to everyone!


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