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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Zip Lining

So, Pat and John and Lisa, and me (and hopefully Adrian) are going on a cruise in April!

We're going Princess Cruise Lines out of the San Pedro port in Los Angeles. And one of the things Pat and I really want to do is zip lining in Puerto Vallarta!

The deal is that Pat and I need to lose 20 pounds! It's a goal we set for ourselves, and we're both really excited about it. Pat has been totally on the ball, and has worked out a ton and really gotten into it.

Today starts my part in it. So, gonna go bike for a while, and tonight I'll do some rowing. My glutes are already sore.

Goal Weight : 150-160
Current Weight : 199-203 depending on the day :o
I need to lose 1.22 pounds a week for this goal. Easily do-able if I can stay on track! *dances*

We're using Fitday to track food and calories out. Wish us luck! The hardest part will be the 10 days in Tennessee, but we've committed to each other to help watch our food intake and exercise while we're there!




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