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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Anniversaries and Friends

Pat refuses to celebrate anniversaries now that we're married, but we started dating February 5 years ago. Pat sent me a bunch of Ben & Jerry's coupons for free pints of ice cream, and I was going through an amazingly tough time in my life.

We had been friends for a year and a half already, and things just clicked. July '08 will bring about my 5th year in Ridgecrest, and our 2 year married anniversary is in April. (For those counting, yes, we started dating in February and moved in together in July!)

Crazy, that I've already known Pat 7 years in October.

Now that I think about it...I've known John the longest, then Steven, then Pat, then Tawnia. None of them are any less special for knowing them any longer. These guys have been my rocks, my friends, my family, for so many years.

It makes me cry to think of the incredible life changing issues we've all had to face in the last what seems like forever.

To my friends: I would have died without you. Never doubt it. I love you all!

Everybody have a safe week, and get ready for Warhammer!! We're gonna kick some ass!



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