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Saturday, February 09, 2008

I'm alive


I'm not dead, thanks for noticing! Been hella busy though! So just wanted to check in and say hi! I'm finishing up details with John and Lisa for our cruise in April, got back from my cruise last weekend. We had a GREAT time! I met Sean and Tony (TONY WORKS FOR DISNEY! So we got along great ;p). Michele and I had a BLAST!

I leave for San Fran on the 18th to cover the Games Developer Conference. If you haven't been reading my coverage on Allakhazam, then you're a bastige, end of story! =)

Steven is in Boise. Sass is coming home soon! YAY!!! We're very VERY excited to have them out here.

Pat invited AJ to come on the cruise. I hope he does, it's gonna be crazy fun.

We played Spongebob Monopoly last night, as well as a bunch of mini-games from Raymond Ravin' Rabbids or whatever the hell it's called. It was a BLAST! By 11pm though, I was dozing off while Pat and Tawnia were being mean to me. I WAS TIRED DAMN IT! I'm up early EVERY damn day, and I have a lot of trouble staying asleep lately. Once I'm awake (whether it be 2am or 5am), I'm awake. I'm considering sleeping aids. Cause this is getting crazy.

I was weirdly short of breath Friday morning. It hasn't come back. I think having 2 red bulls (sugar free) this week, was a mistake. I'm banning Steven from drinking them in front of me!! =) He won't abide by it of course, but it'll be a fun thing to harass him about!

Anyway.....Think you're all caught up on my life so far. Been crazy, been busy, having fun, exhausting myself daily with work and Pat and Tawnia and the cruise, and planning the next 2 (ha ha, who am I kidding....10!) trips!!!

Hasta babies! =)



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