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Friday, February 15, 2008


Happy Valentines and Ferris Wheel Day yesterday!

Pat sent flowers to my office...which you'd know if you were following my twitter! They're TULIPS!

Anyway! The purpose of this post is to announce my new game : City of Heroes/Villains, which is acroynmed (makin' up words as we go, that's me!) as CoX! Heroes would be CoH, Villains would be CoV, and since you can play in both MMO's with one quick box cost, it's CoX. I know, more details then you needed. Tough.

I get to be a superhero and fly. beans and DH recommended it. Actually, beans recommended Pirates of the Burning Sea, which I think looks pretty fun, but DH's logic won out. Of course, by the end of May I'll probably be playing both!


Another big thing is that Pat is making me get my cold allergy looked out. It seems to be getting worse. :( Pat's mean!

We'll be heading to Whiskey Flats Days on Saturday. I think we're taking Tawnia (if we're taking you along girl, give me a call!). Isabel from my office will be dancing with her country line dancing group, Roses & Renegades. Here's the official website.

Have a great Friday everybody! I know I won't! :(


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