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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Back From Vacation

Before I tell you anything about Disneyland, the cruise, or the trip in general I have to spend a few minutes thanking Tawnia. You see, our house flooded while we were gone. Tawnia started the clean up, called the folks to start ripping out the carpet, get the fans in to dry out the drywall (they had to smash holes in it in several places), she took care of the dog while we were gone, called in the insurance folks and got a claim started, had an insurance adjuster out to take a look.

In general, she was totally amazing. More then any friend could hope for. I can't thank her and Russell enough for their assistance, friendship, and help. Pat and I are staying at their place while we figure out what the next step is, as all of our bedroom furniture is sitting in the garage. All of our front room furniture is pushed to one side of the room while the carpet is ripped out of the other side. This week we'll have to move the rest of the house into the garage.

For now, the laptop, computers, and most of the clothes we took on vacation are in our new home. We'll be here for at least a week. I'm anxious to get home of course, but I am so very grateful for a place to stay while we're getting everything worked out.

News of the house, the trip, and our adventures will follow. But for now, we're surviving and have great friends taking care of us.

Love you all!



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