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Monday, May 19, 2008


There are so many movies coming out that I want to see, and I hate linking to movie trailer sites, and I HATE linking to IMDB because there's so little about the movie there. Wikipedia is stupid and often has spoilers. So there's no good answer here.

So no links!

Movies I want to see this summer (in order of importance):

Prince Caspian
Kung Fu Panda
You Don't Mess with the Zohan (Adam Sandler's new one)
Get Smart
Indiana Jones and his new adventure

Movies I Might want to see (in no order:

The Love Guru
The Dark Knight
Hancock (Will Smith!! YAY!)

WOAH WOAH WOAH!!!!!! In the middle of looking at what movies were coming out this summer, I FOUND THIS!!!!!!!!!!

THIS IS HUGE!!!!!!!!! This post is currently in suspension while I go investigate!!!!



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